Our Approach

At LEAD, we follow a person-directed service model which allows for you to engage in a wide range of opportunities. We use this service model to make sure the planning, development and sustainability of our programs keeps pace with national and international trends in human service delivery.


Our Model:



We will take the time to get to know you and the people around you. We will recognise your family as experts and find out as much as we can about your friends, families and allies. We will aim to become a constant and reliable part of your life.



We will take the time to develop a plan with you. This plan will be a working document that we will review and evaluate as we go. We will be sure we are accountable to you.



We will make the most of any funding you receive to increase your ability and likelihood of achieving your stated goals and employment outcomes. We will collaborate with other resources that work with you. We will help you use readily available resources like public transport.



We will recognise the attributes and qualities you have and connect you with groups, organisations and employers where those qualities will be most appreciated.



We will work with you to find opportunities that connect you with others. We work with employers, groups and associations to promote an inclusive culture. We will build your skills in communicating and working effectively in a group.



We will encourage you to be as independent as possible. We will let you experience success and allow you to fail. We provide training and support to achieve your employment and community participation goals.



We will carry out reviews of your plan with you and help you reassess your goals.



We will recruit high quality facilitators to work with you, your family and friends. They will focus on your strengths and the positive contributions you can make to the community.

Our Goals

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